London, 23 April 2013 – CNI UK Limited (CNI) has created a Carbon Calculator for leading environmentally friendly events company, Cavendish Conference Venues.

The Carbon Calculator allows clients to calculate an event’s estimated carbon footprint based on simple parameters such as number of attendees, event duration and travel distances. Once this is determined Cavendish Conference Venues work with CNI to offset the carbon footprint using carbon credits from a variety of emissions reduction projects around the world to deliver ‘carbon neutral events’.

Tom Mayers, Director of Cavendish Conference Venues commented: “We are thrilled to be working with CNI, they have built the first carbon calculator specifically designed for the meetings and conference industry. This extends the work we have done to introduce sustainable practices in all aspects of our work, to the point of departure for the delegate. To incentivise use we will be picking up the tab for all offsetting for the first 6 months of operation.”

Edward Carlton, CNI UK Managing Director, added: “We have been very impressed with Cavendish Conference Venues’ commitment to environmentally friendly practices so our services are the natural next step for them. We are really pleased to have been able to create a carbon calculator, which allows clients to be confident they are helping the environment by offsetting their carbon. We really hope this initiative takes off and inspires other events companies to follow suit.”

CNI is a leading provider in the voluntary carbon offset market, operating across multiple sectors assisting organisations in becoming carbon neutral. The company specialises in the procurement, sale and retirement of Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) credits and supports carefully selected projects around the world, such as wind farms in India, waste heat recovery in China and hydroelectric in Brazil. These projects generate credits by providing a renewable energy source to the local area that would have otherwise relied on carbon intensive fossil fuel power generation.

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