Chinese, Wind Farm

 Project Details:

Project ID 848
Project Proponent SinoHydro CLP Wind Power Co., Ltd
Project Status Registered – VCUs Issued
Sectoral Scope 1. Energy (renewable/non-renewable)
GHG Origination Program Verified Carbon Standard
Project Validator China Environmental United Certification Center Co., Ltd. (CEC)

Estimated amount of emission reductions over the crediting period including project size:

Over the crediting period of 7 years, the project would generate 799,484 tCO2e.


Project Profile:

The Jilin Changling Wind Farm Phase II Project utilizes wind resources for electricity generation through the operation of a wind farm to deliver the electricity generated from the project to Jilin Provincial Power Grid, an integral part of the Northeast China Power Grid.The proposed project involves the installation of 33 sets of wind turbines with capacities of 1500 kW each, which amount to a total installed capacity of 49.5MW. The annual operational hour is 2017.2h. The expected net power supply to the grid is 99,853 MWh. wind

By replacing the electricity generated from fossil fuel-fired power plants dominated Northeast China Power Grid; the proposed project activity will achieve obvious greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by avoiding CO2 emissions.


Project Location:

The proposed project is located in Changling County, Songyuan City, Jilin Province, P. R. China.

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Project Benefits:


GHG Emission Reduction:

The proposed project activity will achieve obvious greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by avoiding CO2 emissions, as grid-connected fossil fuel-fired power dominates in the Northeast China Power Grid.

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Pollutants emission reduction through replacing fossil fuel combustion:

The proposed project is to replace grid-connected fossil fuel-fired power plants in the Northeast China Power Grid, and thus reduce fossil fuel consumption and avoid pollutants emission, such as sulfur dioxide and dust, brought by fossil fuel combustion. Therefore, the proposed project has obvious environmental benefit.


China aims at 100 GW wind power capacity by 2020


Employment opportunities:

The conducting of the proposed project will offer 20 job opportunities for local people.

Economic Improvement:

The construction of the wind farm will achieve the economic growth in the region. Furthermore, the project contributes to local government with more tax revenues and poverty alleviation.


Transfer of Technology:

Wind power development is at its beginning stage both in local area and national level. The successful implementation of the proposed project will contribute to wider deployment of wind power technology in local and national level.



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