London, 18 September 2012 – CNI UK Limited (CNI) has signed a deal to become the new approved supplier of carbon credits for the National Courier Association – an organisation that represents a fleet numbering more than 2,500 vehicles across the UK and Eire.

The National Courier Association was founded in 1988. It enables its members to inter-trade courier work and provides its customers with a national same-day collection and delivery service. The NCA’s network is comprised of 100 depots representing major areas of the UK and Eire.

Collectively they operate a fleet of 2,500 vehicles, from pushbikes (primarily in the London area), motorcycles and vans of all shapes and sizes up to 17 tonne trucks, providing customers with an unparalleled nationwide ’same-day’ courier delivery service.

CNI will become the preferred supplier of carbon credits to the National Courier Association and its members as a result of the new partnership.

Kevin Grey, President of the National Courier Association said: “As the original UK network of independent couriers, it is very important to lead the way in terms of carbon management and environmental sustainability.  Logistics and courier services are often perceived as a polluting industry given the number and size of vehicles used, however we take our commitment to the environment very seriously and this new partnership with CNI is the latest step in our carbon policy and I look forward to introducing this opportunity to our members.”

Edward Carlton, Director of CNI UK Limited, said: “CNI is very pleased to have established a partnership with the National Courier Association. CNI not only provides the credits, but also ensures that the value drivers derived from achieving carbon neutrality are fully realised and benefit the UK courier network, its customers and the environment to the maximum.”


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